Jonathan Yoshida Rowell

An American industrial designer living in New York. Currently design director at Cartier.

Looking Glass Lamp

The inherent rarity of Cartier pieces makes it impossible to stock them in every boutique, creating missed opportunities for both sales associate and client. In addition, the role of retail is evolving, with ephemeral and remote models becoming commonplace. Looking Glass aims to bridge these gaps, by increasing the confidence levels of sales associates requesting product transfers, and of clients wishing to purchase, sight unseen. It does this using a new form of machine learning neural net called a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) to produce visualizations of jewelry indistinguishable from the real item, in real-time. The device itself is intended to replace the standard boutique desk lamps, and functions as one when not in use. It is designed, engineered, and assembled in-house.

Category: technology
Materials: various
Fabrication: manufacturing partner