Jonathan Yoshida Rowell

An American industrial designer living in New York. Currently design director at Cartier.

La Panthère Du Puzzle

Inspired by one of Cartier’s own Métiers d’Art creations, La Panthère du Puzzle is an exquisite game that continues the Maison’s tradition of innovating on artisanal techniques. It encapsulates the mystery and intrigue of the iconic panther, an emblem of the Maison for over a century, while providing a sense of play that is uniquely challenging yet ultimately rewarding. Its composition includes solid hardwoods, rare hardwood veneers, and precious accents in brass and gold. It was conceived, designed, and fabricated entirely in Brooklyn, New York, by Cartier’s own in-house designers and local artisans.

Category: accessory
Materials: solid hardwood and hardwood veneers
Fabrication (limited production): Cartier



R40 is a stacking chair that aspires for a more ordinary approach to life. Its name is informed by its upper and lower “banners”, which share an outer arc equivalent to a 40 centimeter radius. It was fabricated using traditional methods, in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Category: furniture
Materials: hard maple and ash (as shown)
Fabrication (prototype): Friedlander Furniture



Jueki is a line of solid ash stools designed for American furniture manufacturer HBF. It is offered as a barstool, counter stool, and low stool, in a number of distinct finishes. Jueki’s form and Japanese namesake describes the viscous sap that flows from a tree.

Category: furniture
Materials: solid ash
Fabrication (production): HBF

Face Stamps

Face Stamps were a secret holiday gift for the Cartier team, each with a custom drawn face, unique to each team member. In lieu of a lathe, the revolved shape of the wood handles were achieved using simple sanding tools and methods. Cartier jewelry cord allows the stamps to be hung on a tree.

Category: accessory
Materials: solid hard maple, resin, cord
Fabrication (limited production): self


Koro is an incense burner machined out of solid bronze. It is inspired by the oversized burners preceding the entrance at Japanese temples. A unique two-part design allows the unburnt ends to fall through to below, while providing a catchall for ash and matches.

Category: accessory
Material: solid bronze
Fabrication (prototype): manufacturing partner